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GQ’s ultimate must-haves for the modern man

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Premium Beard Oil by Beard X Butter

Beard and Butter is a Nigerian male grooming brand that delivers fine organic skin care to the modern man. Their desire is to create products that help to improve the appearance of skin and facial hair challenges faced by many men. Follow them on Instagram: @beardxbutter



Citrus & Pome Multi Balm and Beard Oil by Huckstle

Huckstle is a new company that is creating a lot of buzz from their refreshingly unorthodox selection of scents. The classic designs, modern ouroboros logo, and XXX patterns to compliment each scent profile as well as look amazing sitting on your bathroom vanity. After all, “pride in appearance” is their slogan. With premium, all-natural quality sourced ingredients. You will see, feel, and smell the difference in your beard and hair. Available on their website. Follow them on Instagram: @huckstlepremiumgrooming


Styling Funk by NO GUNK

NO GUNK is on a mission to make hair feel healthier for Funky Fellas, the all-natural way! Their award winning Styling Funk is the first ever 100% natural hair wax to leave no residue on your hands or hair. It’s enriched with Beeswax, Shea Butter and Argan Oil. It will leave your hair feeling fully nourished with moisture and with the appearance of a natural shine. Shop online and get 20% off with code GQ-SF20 (expires 02/11/2019). Follow them on Instagram: @nogunkofficial



Beard Balm, Original by Captain Charley's Beard Company

Captain Charley’s Beard Company combines all-natural, organic ingredients and high-quality masculine, enticing smells to produce one-of-a-kind products to the appearance of a healthy beard. The only one who cares as much about your beard as you do is Captain Charley. Long Live the Beard. Instagram: @captaincharleysbeards



Sculpted Matt Black T by Sculptmode

Sculptmode is the superior athleisure, with compression technology designed to help boost athletic performance during intense training. With an engaged firm fit it aims to reduce muscle oscillation to enable greater stability. Check out their collections at Instagram: @sculptmode


8K Flexwarm Heated Jackets by 8KFLEXWARM

8K Flexwarm heated jackets, hooded jackets and gilets take you from 0 to 50°C in 360 seconds. Combining stylish design and revolutionary flexible heating technology. 8K Flexwarm jackets excel in cold weather so you can stay toasty without that chunky, padded coat. Available in Black or Navy. Follow them on Instagram: @8KFlexwarm


Whole Food Multivitimin for Men by NATURELO®

This Whole Food Multivitamin For Men by premium supplement company NATURELO® has been carefully crafted with 56 high-quality ingredients. It includes all the essential vitamins and minerals plus health blends containing probiotics, enzymes and botanicals like Ginseng and Maca. Use code ‘GQ10’ to get 10% off (expires 31/10/2019).



SISU AERO Mouthguard by Sisuguard

Mouthguards shouldn’t get in the way of your game which is why every SISU is roughly half the thickness of conventional guards. With SISU; talking, breathing, and drinking are largely unobstructed, allowing you to keep your focus where it matters: on the next big play. Follow them on Instagram: @sisuguard



Slicks Backpack by Slicks

Whether you’re a frequent flyer, a cycling commuter or an urban athlete, the Slicks backpack fits any lifestyle, allowing you to pick the features which suit you best and build the pack the way you want it. Follow them on Instagram: @slicksbackpacks



GTR 47 Stainless Steel by Amazfit

Boasting 12 sports modes, an integrated BioTracker and 24-hour heart rate monitoring, the Amazfit GTR 47mm is the only sports accessory you need. With Amazfit you can plan workouts, control music and monitor sleep patterns. Follow them on Instagram: @amazfituk



Arabian Beard Oil Sampler Set by Diggn'It

Diggn’It is the Arabian Beard Company that produces Arabian inspired male care products for men to live their vibe. All their products are traditionally inspired and have been used for generations for healthy looking hair. Their ingredients are 100% natural with no added chemicals or preservatives. Check out their uniquely Arabian scents. Follow them on Instagram:



Style & Go Collection by Dear Barber

Dear Barber Style & Go Collections – Choose from 4 classic gift collections from Dear Barber, all offering premium hair and grooming products with a sophisticated vintage style. Presented in an attractive cigar box design, their collections provide an authentic and classic look – the perfect complement to any modern gentleman’s grooming regime. Follow them on Instagram: @dear_barber


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