Limited Edition Huiler Soulagement Jour et Nuit by G-Labs

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Double Finger Statement Ring by Negi Arabani

Bold, contemporary and futuristic jewellery by Negi Arabani makes for a perfect gift that makes an impact. Their silver and rose gold plated designs are masterpieces in sculptural design and are crafted using 3d printing technologies. Explore their collection on Instagram: @negiarabanisf


Bains de Mer by Marcel Travel Posters

Marcel Travel Posters design beautiful vintage prints for your home. Their original illustrations such as “Bains de Mer” are a perfect finishing touch to any room of the house. Visit their website and follow on Instagram: @marcel_travelposters to find out more.


Batabano by Justine Foord

Justine Foord is the first solo female artist from the UK to exhibit in modern times in Cuba; her artwork "Trinidad to Havana” is currently in the British Embassy art collection in Havana, Cuba. 'Candela' was her first international traveling exhibition that opened in Madrid and then onto Cuba. Foord's signature method of painting directly on photographs is on full display in this body of work, with gorgeous, moody colourful landscapes partially obscured with surreal clouds of smoke and soot. Featured here is "Batabano". Visit her website or follow her on Instagram: @justinefoord to see more.


Eleganza by Diane Castel Paris

Unwind and indulge with luxurious scents by Diane Castel PARIS. Their youthful and feminine scent, Eleganza is a delicate perfume with chypre and musky notes. It evokes both a playful and upbeat tone with a fuller body of scent. Shop online through and save £20 on your order.



Lunah Natural Deodorant by Lunah Life

Wildcrafted and natural, Lunah Life reflects your natural beauty from inside to outside. Their skincare is based on 100% natural ingredients including pure essential oils and active botanical infusions. Their highly popular natural deodorant keeps you smelling fresh, feeling dry, and keeps the chemicals out of your beautiful body. Treat your loved ones and shop online or visit their Instagram: @lunahlife



Limited Edition Huiler Soulagement Jour et Nuit by G-Labs

Limited Edition Day & Night Cadeaux by G-Labs offers a multi-faceted triage to alter the appearance of lines and includes powerful adaptogens for effective well being. Utilising NASA Technology to infuse meteorites for your cosmic spark of perfection in their range of oils, creams and masks. The phenomenal pioneers in skin care to provide life changing, non-surgical solutions. From consultation to treatment, the personal service to touch individual needs. Follow them on Instagram:



BVI GIN by The Little Bay Distilling Company

An award-winning, small-batch craft gin distillery making its mark in the rum-soaked Caribbean. BVI GIN is created from a carefully crafted, contemporary recipe and is distilled using traditional methods and locally inspired botanicals including hibiscus flower, angelica root and grains of paradise. The resulting gin is fresh and smooth, with great depth of flavour; perfectly capturing the secrets of the British Virgin Islands. Follow on Instagram: @bvigin


Ceramics by Sally Blair

Sally Blair Ceramics produces contemporary ceramic vessels. Each piece is a canvas for a one-of-a-kind painting. Inspired by Bauhaus, these architectural objects are aiming to blend art, life and craft. Follow them on Instagram @sallyblairceramics


High Booster Serum by Belle de Jour

Find the best in skincare with Belle De Jour Cosmetics, who craft luxurious and unique products using distinctive natural ingredients. The highly sought after oils, serums and creams include beneficial ingredients such as prickly pear oil, mangosteen and pomegranate, for an enriching touch of hedonism. Follow them on Instagram: @belledejourbkk



Scented Soy Wax Candle 30cl and 20cl by Hillbrow Manor

Hillbrow Manor offers a range of highly scented luxury candles, reed diffusers, wax melts and car air fresheners. All of their candles are hand poured, soy wax and contain a high fragrance percentage. Products are available in rose gold, silver and black glitter with 15 fabulous fragrances to choose from. 10% discount available using code GQ10 (expires 01/11/2019). Follow them on Instagram: @hillbrowmanor



RED by Tammy Leigh Brooks

Tammy Leigh Brooks is an American self-taught clay artist. From Polish chickens to red-tailed hawks, her work continues to evolve. Each highly-detailed sculpture reveals countless hours of hard work and dedication, along with love and energy that just keeps going and going. Pictured is ‘RED’, the magnificent red tailed hawk, named after Tammy herself!


Viper Lipstick by Marie Sky Cosmetics

Raising the bar of beauty products is Marie Sky Cosmetics. Their range of vibrant lip colours allows for fun, bold and trend-setting looks. From the vivid Viper to the cooler Utopia, they have a shade to suit you. Follow them on Instagram: @marieskycosmetics

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