The best wallets for every budget

Your wallet says way more about you than where you bank, so invest wisely. Here’s our edit of the sleekest, most stylish men’s wallets for every type of spender.

For something that gets used almost (if not every) day of a man's life, a wallet is very rarely a considered purchase. Whereas my female friends will pick their next purse months in advance and save accordingly, most of my male friends have either a battered wallet that was given to them as a gift years before or will have a new one that they had to impulse purchase from the nearest store when the aforementioned battered model fell apart. Rarely is it a considered purchase and therefore rarely is it truly fit for his needs.

This has always struck me as a rather ridiculous situation. A man will take a lot of time picking out the right trousers, so why does he not take the same time and consideration over the far-more-used accessory he slips into his back pocket?

So, gentlemen, it's time to evolve – and time to find a wallet that suits your spending needs. In my experience, there are four main tribes in the wallet world and each has very specific demands for his currency carrier depending on how he likes to settle the bill. Take a look at my breakdown of these tribes below, plus have a browse of some of the best wallets for each.

1) The cash-free convert

Whether you want to future-proof your wallet for the cashless economy or simply don't want to ruin the line of your suit jacket, a card holder is the obvious choice for a man who solely carries plastic.

2) The ATM junkie

The billfold, as Americans call it, is perhaps the most classic option and spot-on for a man who still likes a bank note or two with him just in case or simply likes to pay for things in stacks of paper bills, which we can appreciate. You've got two main options here: a traditional billfold with a pouch for slipping notes into or a more modern interpretation with a clip in the centre. Either way, it'll keep those fifties crisp for their next night out.

3) The change carrier

Maybe you always need coins for the car park; maybe you're always worried you won't have change for tipping. If you are committed to coinage and don't want to jangle down the street with them in your pocket, you need something with a coin fitted as standard. Right now, the sleekest of these are zipped on three sides to stop anything spilling out, but if you want something a little different, there's a new generation of leather coin purses right now that can be clipped to your belt loop using a chain.

4) The traveller

If you're the kind of man whose other car is a plane, you need a wallet that does double duty. A travel wallet is the polar opposite of a card holder, combining a card holder, multiple cash sleeves and a section for your passport and boarding pass (if you're still addicted to paper). If you want to slip it into your inside pocket, we would suggest one of the most slimline versions; however, if you have a bag with you (or prefer to carry it in-hand so you have all your documents at a moment's notice), go for a zipped version so that nothing will accidentally tumble out at check-in.

Herewith, our pick of the best wallets for men...



If you're looking for something that's simple but not too plain, this Fendi wallet is the perfect option. Made from a chic navy leather and accented with Fendi's signature bug eyes in neon green, its understated eccentricity is exactly the thing you need to make a subtle statement. £290. At mrporter.com


Acne Studios

You can always rely on Acne Studios for chic staples that have a modern twist and this patent, blood-red card holder is no exception. £89. At End. endclothing.com



Looking to add a pop of colour to your look with your wallet? Look no further than this currency case from Smythson, which pairs a classic burgundy colour palette with playful, peak-a-boo zips. £250. At matchesfashion.com


Maison Margiela

Keep it simple with this timeless brushed-leather cardholder from Maison Margiela, which features four white stitches on the back for a pop of interest. £185. At matchesfashion.com


The Row

Gold and black is always a winning combo, particularly when they create a cardholder that's so chic that it looks nothing like a cardholder. With an inner compartment that slides out to reveal all of your cards, this option from The Row is the ultimate way to stay cash-free in style. £475. At matchesfashion.com



If you're a man who wants simplicity from your staples, then this wallet from Hugo Boss is for you. Made from smooth leather, with ample room for cards, cash and coins, it's a purchase that will stay with you for years to come. £89. At Flannels. flannels.com



Just in case you ever forget what exactly you're supposed to put in your cardholder, this design from Off-White spells it out for you with Virgil Abloh's signature tongue-in-cheek design aesthetic. £140. At Selfridges. selfridges.com



Burberry's vintage check print has endured for almost a century now, so if you're looking for a wallet that you know will have longevity, you could do worse than to invest in a piece emblazoned with it. £240. At Selfridges. selfridges.com



As part of the Dior x Kaws collection, this cardholder has four card slots, one central pocket and features Kaws’ ultra-cool interpretation of Dior’s iconic bee logo.

£280. dior.com



Simple yet stylish, this leather cardholder is crafted from saffiano calfskin and is embossed with Canali’s monogram. Plus, with five card slots it's practical as well as sophisticated.

Enquire at canali.com



Get in on the logomania trend and opt for Prada's cardholder wallet. It features four pockets for credit cards, an additional zip pocket for added security and the retro Prada logo in cobalt blue, of course.

£259. At Flannels. flannels.com


Dolce & Gabbana

Looking for something with timeless appeal? Dolce & Gabbana have you covered with their smooth leather logo cardholder. Featuring five card slots, it's subtly finished with their iconic logo in gold.

£125. At Flannels. flannels.com

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