The best jeans for men, for every shape

Those raw, dark indigo selvedge jeans hanging in your wardrobe are superb, but there's a whole new wave of denim out there. Here, we break down three of the biggest jeans trends for the season (and showcase a few of our favourites).

Jeans are probably one of the most important investments you'll make when it comes to your wardrobe. You might have a job where you wear them every single day, or you might have a job where you will slip them on after you've slipped off your nine-to-five suit, but either way they're an item you'll wear probably more than any other you own. In short, you're going to see a helluva lot of them.

However, over the past decade something funny has happened to jeans. As their status as the workhorse of a man's armoury became cemented, they also became something of a starting point to an outfit as opposed to the stars of it. The beauty of jeans is that they are a superb canvas upon which to build the rest of your get-up.

Brands are bringing jeans back to their rightful place as icons in their own right, with designers getting more creative about cuts, colours and washes. That's not only good news for men who want to think outside of the classic indigo box, but also for men looking for a fit that fits a little better.

So what do you have? Typically jeans fall into one of the following categories: straight leg, skinny, boot cut or carrot. What's the difference, you cry? Well, we're here to tell you (and then give you an array of different jeans you can buy right now).

Straight leg

This style of jean is for the guy who likes a more classic silhouette. Typically laid-back with room in the seat and thigh, these are perfect for everyday wear.

Skinny fit

If you're after a close-fitting jean that shows off the very shape of your thighs and calves, then a skinny-fit jean is what you need to go for.

Tapered fit

Perfect for a muscular guy with chunkier thighs, these are wider at the top and more drawn in at the bottom. They're a great middle ground between slim-fit and skinny-fit jeans.

Boot cut

Sure, you've probably been told to shy away from boot-cut jeans, but if you're after a Seventies-style fit à la Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, then these are for you. With a slimmer thigh and a sharp outward taper at the bottom, pair with a western-style boot for a real menswear moment.

PS For our guide to finding a fit that works for you, check out our complete guide to denim.



The Made & Crafted collection are wonderful reimaginings of the classic Levi’s styles. For those mornings you wake up with a spritely spring in your step and you feel gregarious, you’ll be thankful for having these expressive patchwork jeans in your wardrobe. Thankfully they are the same snug fit of a 501 and the same quality of material. £115.


Tommy Hilfiger

These Tommy Hilfiger jeans (confusingly not Tommy Jeans) are a piece from Lewis Hamilton’s latest collection. Whether or not the contrast stripes down the outside hem really will make you “go faster”, they do look effortlessly cool, unique and very wearable. £125.


Brunello Cucinelli

These vintage-inspired jeans are a wardrobe staple this season. Purchasing from one of the finest Italian fashion manufacturers – Brunello Cucinelli – who is a leader in both style and quality, will guarantee a pair for life. £580.



Black jeans are a wardrobe essential. Roll up your cuffs, whack on some comfortable trainers, get out of your house and get exploring! They can easily be dressed up as well as down too. As versatile as they are robust, this particular pair comes with a bit of stretch in case you need to start lunging. £79.



Off-White’s collection of jeans are more pieces of art than anything else. They reference graffiti and are a pining towards to the artistic, boho life. These slim, medium-wash jeans are on the less crazy end of the spectrum, but still feature the recognisable Off-White knotted string belt and angled back pockets. £245. At End.



The words “14oz Japanese red-listed selvage denim” are enough to excite even the most unemotional of denim-heads. These straight-leg jeans from Edwin are a fine example of a pair that will improve with each wear and become as much a product of your use as they are a factory product. They will be a friend for years to come. £140. At



We would say that Ami has done it again, but it’s no surprise any more; the brand can’t not do it. These grey cotton denim jeans are bleached all over to create a chic fade. If you’re going for a classic faded pair you might as well bring some Parisian elegance to the mix. £175. At


Acne Studios

The brand’s “1996” collection acknowledges that we are in the midst of an extended Nineties resurgence, but it was also the year Acne Studios launched with – you guesses it – a pair of jeans. In the spirit of its continual experimentation, here’s a pair of heavy-twill cotton trousers that’ll add some Nineties tie-dye flair to your own ensemble. £380. At



It doesn’t need to be said, but, yeah, that outfit from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. Brad Pitt has an unshakable talent of making clothes look cool and his latest character, Cliff Booth, was absolutely dripping with desirable outfits. We don’t even know if a white Canadian tuxedo actually looks any good worn out and about, but he sure convinced us. £450. At



Much like the Edwin offering, these Supremes are 14oz selvage denim. They are a classic five-pocket style with button fly, a single coin pocket and copper rivulets. But we all know the clincher, as gauche as it is, is the Supreme logo slapped onto the waistband. Best avoid wearing a belt so everyone knows how hype you are these days. £158.



These Texas jeans are goddamn America through and through. They come with the iconic “W” Wrangler logo stitched into the back pocket and has faded seams, giving them a worn-in and relaxed attitude. They are 100 per cent cotton and pair well with black boots. £65.



Skater or no skater, everyone could do once in a while channelling some skater energy. These tapered, Nineties-inspired jeans are the perfect item for this, while keeping stylish. We don’t want Etnies and wallet chains getting mixed up in all this. Constructed from rigid dark stonewashed denim with natural fading and “moustaching”. And who doesn’t love a bit of moustaching? £85.


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